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Avocado Detangling Leave In Conditioner | 250ml

Moisturises, softens and eliminates tangles

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Product Categories: Hair Growth, Moisture, Dry Hair,


Leave tangles and dry hair in the past with Manetain Organics Detangling Leave in Conditioner. This special formula is infused with horsetail which contains silica to strengthen you hair. It also contains selenium, a mineral that is vital in the growth of your hair; combined with Castor oil it makes for the ultimate growth boost. In this formula you will find a rich blend of moistirizing oils that absorb quickly into the hair penetrating your hair strands leaving them more manageable and healthier. If you love our Avocado butter hair balm then you will adore this leave in conditioner. Combining all the great ingredients you love to formulate a product with great slip that melts tangles away. This one is a definate favourite for dry 4c hair. Amazing ingredientsat work Horsetail- contains silica which strengthens the hair Aloe vera- great conditioner, leaves hair smooth and shiny Castor oil- for growth and thicker hair Grapeseed oil- lock in moisture and prevents frizz Sweet almond oil-repairs hair follicles and keeps them healthy Directions Apply on freshly washed hair while hair is still damp, working in sections detangle hair using wide tooth comb or detangling brush. Do not rinse out. For use as a daily moiturizer spray water to make hair moist, then apply leave In conditioner section by section working product in from the ends to the roots. Comb through and style as desired. Can also be used directly on dry hair.

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