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Honey & Marula Moisturizing Shampoo | 250ml

Gently cleanses and removes product build up from greasy hair while moisturizing to prevent breakage

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Gently clense your hair using the Manetain Oganics Moisturizing Shampoo infused with honey and marula oil. It removes product build up, dirt and grease while replenishing your hair with deep penetrating oils. Organic honey is a natural humectant that brings moisture to your hair boosting hydration while Marula oil which is harvested from wild growing trees in the heart of Zimbabwe is rich in fatty acids and nutrients that help regenerate hair follicle cells. Marula oil deep penetrates and works to soften your hair making it more manageable. Directions Apply a generous amount to wet hair and gently massage into a luscious lather, focusing on your scalp all through to your ends. Rinse product out thoroughly and repeat until satisfied. For best results follow up with Manetain Organics Replenishing conditioner.

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