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How to nail your wash day when you are transitioning

By: Lienne Shonhiwa

Since I started transitioning wash days have been an extreme sport. Dealing with two different hair textures is tough. My natural hair might like a product that my relaxed hair completely hates. I have to be extra gentle and patient (two things I sometimes struggle with)  Its a whole day event and the tangles hunny the tangles! But I’ve figured out how to minimize some of these issues.  I wash my hair in braids.  It may sound like cheating or like it doesn’t get the job done but trust me it works. Here is the simplified version of my wash day.

  1. Detangle with wide tooth comb (take your time here and get rid of shedded hair).
  2. Braid your hair into as many small sections as you can to have access to your scalp.
  3. Shampoo focusing on your scalp, massage product into braids.
  4. T shirt dry, t shirts are better than towels because they don’t snag on your hair.
  5. Deep condition with either a protein rich conditioner or moisture rich conditioners depending on how your hair feels.
  6. Cover with plastic cap and sit for at least 20min (if you’re using heat) if not sit it out for an hour.
  7. Rinse out deep conditioner thoroughly and apply a leave in conditioner.
  8. Allow your hair to dry 80% then unravel  and apply your hair cream or butter( my favorite is Avocado butter hair balm)