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5 Reasons your hair is breaking

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You know when you comb you hair and you see little broken up pieces of hair everywhere, on the floor, in the sink, on your clothes, your dog, your bag…your love life! one or more of these could be the reason.

1. Lack of moisture

In other words your hair is DRY. Often times you just do not moisturise your hair regularly enough. When life and adulting is happening the last thing you have on your mind is hair, so it’s easy to go by days or even weeks without moisturizing your hair. If you have a tight schedule invest in a spray bottle. Mix water, aloe vera gel and BOOM you can spray this all over you hair in less than 2 minutes and seal in with your favourite oil.

2. Over manipulation/heat styling

You just can’t keep your hands out of your hair! We all know YouTube videos have this amazing ability to get us into a hair styling frenzy. Keep calm! Our black hair was not designed to withstand excessive combing brushing and styling everyday. Put the brush, flatiron, blow dryer down and try doing a protective style every week or two. You’ll notice the difference. Plus stop frying your hair with a flatiron too often.

3. Your hair is unbalanced

Ever heard of the protein moisture balance? Too much protein and you hair feels like straw and too much moisture and you hair feels mushy. Both of these can cause hair breakage. So always watch your products when you wash your hair. Ideally you only want to use a protein treatment once a month.Then every other week you can do moisturizing deep conditioning or light protein treatments if necessary.

4. Stress

Stress can have a huge toll on your overall well being and this includes your hair. Sometimes you just need to take care of yourself emotionally before you rush and try fix anything externally. Hair products, vitamins, herbs etc can only get you so far but you need to make a conscious decision to take care of your emotional wellbeing.

5. Pregnancy/postpartum shedding/illness

Hormones hormones hormones! Pregnancy can be a nightmare for some, because it comes with it some major changes. Some grow hair excessively and others lose hair excessively. If you are one of those losing hair alarmingly consult you doctor. Hair breakage can also be a sign of an underlying illness ie anemia. If you are concerned about the rate at which you are losing hair consult your doctor.